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Transport and logistics

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While transporting goods, there are many occasions on which problems may arise with documents or at which the goods being transported could be damaged. Delays are another frequent complication. Klaassen Advocaten has the specialist expertise necessary to advise clients on matters like this and to litigate or arbitrate on their behalf, where necessary. Our clients include:

• Carriers
• Freight forwarders
• Stevedores
• Shipbrokers
• Storage companies
• Container depots
• Cargo owners and interested parties
• Shipping agents
• Insurers


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Trade always precedes transport. Klaassen Advocaten advises buyers and sellers that are involved in international and national trade. This advice could be necessary when preparing contracts (how has liability been apportioned and how have payment and transport been arranged?). Often, transactions of this nature are linked to documentary credits in the form of letters of credit. Despite the best intentions of parties, it is still possible that disputes may arise about the type of product supplied or about the quality or quantity of the product supplied. For example, commodities such as edible and perishable products, such as oils, nuts or fruit, or products that are unsuitable for consumption, including crude oil and metals.


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Our client base includes domestic and foreign ship-owners, involved in both inland navigation and marine navigation. We act for charterers and brokers too.

We also advise various shipyards, installation companies and suppliers that specialise in new builds or repairs and also suppliers, such as designers, outplacement firms and the suppliers of spares and general supplies.

We are regularly instructed to act for clients on cases relating to the arrest or seizure of ships, bunkers and/or cargo, or are asked to advise on a right of retention on a cargo. For more information on ship arrests, please visit our website

The involvement of ships in incidents is part and parcel of the shipping industry. The damage and losses sustained can be substantial.  In this field as in others, we advise parties on the question of who is to blame, on the extent of the damage and/or loss sustained and on the possibility to limit liability.